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Sun Glasses

It's great to enjoy the sun. But if you need glasses, ordinary sunglasses don't work. If you try to read with ordinary reading glasses, the brightness of the page takes away all the pleasure. And even if you have lenses that change in sunlight, they don't go very dark in the car.The answer is prescription sunglasses, which are available with single vision (reading or distance vision), bifocal or varifocal lenses. Here are some of the ranges we stock:

Wimbledon: inspired by the annual tennis championship, this is a large range of high quality classic styles, available with a wide range of lens and tint options.

Bolle: a long established range of comfortable frames with a sporting edge.

Z-one: new on the scene, this range is supplied by a Northern Ireland based firm, with bold styles representing great value at £75 with single vision lenses.

Dirty Dog: cool young styles including wrap around lenses.

Call in any time and try them on. There'll be one to suit you.

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