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Spectacle Lenses

There is a world of choice in modern spectacle lenses. We aim to present a range of appropriate practical lens options, supplied by world leading manufacturers.


Single Vision - This may be the simplest design of spectacle lens but it is available in a wide variety of forms. Glass or  plastic, clear or tinted, thinner and lighter than standard or changing colour in sunlight - there is a lens for everyone.


Bifocal - These lenses were introduced as an alternative to seperate pairs of distance and reading glasses. The lens has 2 distinct optical sections, the top being for distance vision and the bottom for reading and close work. This allows the wearer to have clear vsion in both distance and reading without changing glasses. There is however, a fine dividing line visible between the distance and reading zones.


Varifocal - Similar in concept to bifocals, but the dividing line is removed, replaced by an invisible transition zone between the top and the bottom of the lens. Cosmetically, a varifocal lens looks just like a single vision lens but works like a bifocal lens.

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